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Good news

In the last two months I have had drawings relating to the light work ‘Thread’ acquired by the Victoria and Albert Museum Digital Arts Collection and the light installation ‘Flown’ has won The Lumen Prize 3D Sculpture Award.

The Lumen Prize is a global digital arts prize and all the finalist works will now make a global tour with dates in the UK, China, Europe and America. The challenge will be in finding the best way to transport it, at least in part!

These have been heartening affirmations of the work I’ve been developing through drawing.‘Flown’ was originated from a key pencil drawing that was then evolved with two and three dimensional drawing processes into a large scale work.

I work with an instinctive approach to understand forms, pattern and concepts by drawing out solutions. Most images for ‘Flown’ were of interconnected structures, a little like cells or water droplets in clouds.

Another key part of ‘Flown’ has been my collaboration with Sean Clark. Sean was originally onboard to program the piece, following on from the work that he contributed to ‘Melt’, ‘Splinter’ and ‘Thread’. Gradually a commonality in our conceptual ground emerged.

It is a very interesting creative process as we are both immersed in understanding a sense of connection, but through very different means. Mine is in the physical and felt sense,expressed in marks, rhythms and forms. Sean’s is essentially in creating communication systems between things so that they can influence and be part of each other.

The collaboration expands my practice and something I’m most excited about is that I now see my drawings not only as patterns and structures but also as potentially modes of behaviour and ways of communicating.

I’m now turning towards new work. Over the past six months I have been working intently on a series of new quite complex drawings that I hope will be the start of further light pieces.

I will be showing these initially in an online exhibition on the creator space Baby Forest starting in the beginning of November.