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‘Flown’ at Art CHI 2016


I’ve recently been at the CHI 2016 Conference in San Jose, California where Flown was accepted into the first Art CHI exhibition.  This version of Flown is interactive and developed in collaboration with Sean Clark. The piece was on a smaller gallery scale and was much easier to install, although there is still plenty to do when responding to building and shaping a piece right in the gallery. It had the addition of sensors to influence the light’s movement – so it was responding to changes in temperature, light levels and humidity – making for very delicate patterns tricking and waving through the forms. It was great to see this in action and I’m looking forward to exploring it all further.

This was the first time the conference had an art exhibition as part of the programme and it was met enthusiastically. There was queing on the opening night! The curators had included diverse work ranging from drills responding to hits on the web-site and appearing to spontaneously start up to delicate embroidery with switching magnetised beads – so all credit to Ernest Edmonds and Jason Challas for their vision. As icing to the whole experience Flown was given first prize – although even throughout the install we had no idea there were awards!

You can see a new video of Flown showing both versions on vimeo……

Now I’m back in the studio drawing and preparing work for a Baby Forest online exhibition in the Autumn.