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‘Flown’ in progress


It’s growing! I think this is about half way. When I started out I lent into the work quite hard and soon found out that this approach was not going to see the distance as after a few days my arm ached too much. So I’m making at a more measured pace and limiting the amount, which means folding 20 pieces a day – around 3 hours work.

It is an experiment to make something by hand on this scale. It is like an extended drawing with the same instinctive approach. I see the lines in the forms in a similar way to pencil marks and am playing with how the shapes connect with each other, wrapping and folding through imagined pathways.

I’ve taken the cutting everywhere with me including the train and the swimming pool. I get up and do them as I go about all the chores of the day. At times I am concentrating on the forms and considering how they work, at others I’m unaware of what I’m doing and it is quite unconscious. Sometimes there is a sense of it being a blissful meditation that I do not want to stop and at the opposite end of the scale some kind of boring monotonous road.

I suspect the process is teaching me a patience about not knowing what the end will be and giving in to a discipline. I do not expect these things to be evident in the work but are in a sense an indulgence and complete pleasure in making simple forms over and over.

My hands are getting quite strong.

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Flown – Lightwork for “Illuminating York”

I’m just starting work on building ‘Flown’ which is going to be a large scale installation for the light festival ‘Illuminating York’ running from 27th – 31st October 2015.

The whole structure is going to be hand cut and folded (all 20 meters of it made from 720 pieces! ). The forms are going to be lit with LED’s running behaviours developed with Dave Everitt, Sean Clarke and Graeme Stuart.

It’s the first time I’ve built something this big by hand and it is taking my drawing practice into 3D. Starting to make it is like stepping into a lake to swim to the other shore knowing that at some point I will be too far to swim here goes I’m dipping my toe in.